A few Key Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Led Lights

by:JINCHU     2020-06-10
52%: the most popular brand channels - network The Internet generation has gradually become the main consumer, the rapid development of Internet media, numerous factors indicate that the network simply is the media affecting the way people live, and even change the whole of the manufacturing industry, marketing, sales and market behavior. 52% of consumers said brand message through the network, the LED lamps sufficient to explain the dilemma. The rapid growth of get is an additional new possibility for the entire industry's sales channels. 52%: the most popular time of purchase - holiday promotion In our lives, holidays seem to suggest how the major businesses to carryout promotional activities, so that buyers have launched a large pile purchase hold back until the holiday habits. Similarly, 52 percent of consumers choose to buy lamps in holiday special deals. Every holiday node and LED lighting business promotional activities are no other goods less. Insiders often alert reminder: Promotions can not evolve towards a price fights. It is also worth a person's eye of the sum of industry. 57%: the greatest impact on purchase behavior factors - price Lamps prices, has get to be the most important aspect which affects 57% of clients decide purchase behavior. In economic theory, the price as is a good idea factor to adjust the balance between supply and demand, almost any product purchase decisions would be most essential aspect. In addition, there nonetheless 31% of buyers choose brands the primary factor in buying behavior as a decision. In recent years, considering the leader in the business continue to force the industry brand for the popular brand over-the trend of a large number of clear. You know, consumers although the rational price demands, exact same irrational emotional appeal. The Op illumination, director of marketing, Mister. Zhu Zuhuan: the brand is really a combination of rational value and emotional value. 68%: buy lamps pretty popular channels - building materials, lighting supermarket Event decoration, the owners who possess a tendency to gather up enough patience and wisdom, for very own small bathroom into using a natural approach paradise. With the improvement of living standards and consumer awareness of the mature consumer LED lamps shall no longer be merely to illuminate the level, the more eager the more decorative points. The survey shows that people are the highest level of knowledge is still building materials market, lamps supermarkets, accounting for 68 percent of utilizing the customer survey. But the channel is never static, 15% of consumers in the survey selected stores and online purchase get some China LED Torch. The change of the channel isn't always replacing another, but diversification to coexist and complement each other's new wellbeing.
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