Appreciation of The Appearance of Biggest Three

by:JINCHU     2020-07-09
Recently, LG published its new attractive product- LEX9. The biggest size is 72 inches, which will be the world's largest 3D LED TV.The biggest 3D TV in entire world - LG 72LEX9 is an a giant who is really tall a good adult. When you turn on LG 72LEX9 TV, you'll need feel whole good picture suspended in the sky. The huge screen flooded the vision and provides you sense of proximity to theaters. LG 72LEX9 TV is designed by adopting invisible frame which makes the whole screen and frame blend into one harmonious whole. The picture looks bigger and the view seems unimpeded. It is packed by the argent metal strap that enjoys functions of both practical and nice. LG 72LEX9 TV applied FULL LED backlight system and entire body thickness of four years old.1 cm. LG 72LEX9 TV was made as the white backlit LOGO, will be very conspicuous under the black screen on the bottom. At the same time, it upon square toughened glass beginning. It is extremely stable to be collocated along with 72-inch hd. The 72LEX9's touch screen buttons locates on the underside right of your screen perimeter. There are 8 buttons in all, including the common channel regulation, the volume, confirm keys, the menu button, input keys and power fundamental. It is very sensitive in real practice. LEX9 interface area is allocated with commonly used interface including three groups of HDMI interfaces, 2 groups of USB interfaces, 2 groups of AV interfaces, two groups of chromatic interfaces, 1 associated with RGB interface and 1 group of LAN interface of all. In addition, it has a regarding CAM card slot and 3D glasses signal transmitter interface. Finally, I came to sum up that LG 72LEX9 applies a FULL LED back light system, adopts design for invisible border argent metal package. Embrace exterior design and 72 inches large screen along with broad view and lead to the television more amazing.
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