Archos 101 Acting as The GPS

by:JINCHU     2020-07-09
When talked to your Tablet PC, virtually all us often take its entertainment function as the main position of the Tablet is to get people to enjoy the mobile internet life. Area white collars, businessmen as well although SOHO group, all choose the Pc tablet which is lighter in weigh when the laptop to surf the internet. In addition, when people drive to other cities in a small business trip, they also require a GPS to help them. Thus the problem comes out: attain to be a total waste of buying both Tablet computer and a GPS, and if we can combine these to show your internet together will solve the problem. The truth is that one Tablet PC with a GPS installed in it will solve the real question. But such kind of Tablet PC is not so common along with the price is also expensive. Here I'd like to introduce you the Archos Tablet PC, could satisfy the demand but with a reduced price. As leading the way of the Tablet producer, the French company Archos engaged in the market several years earlier than other companies. People have an illusion that the Apple Inc. is the founder of Tablet PC; in fact, it is the Archos who first announced the birth of Tablet Private. The Archos series like Archos 43, Archos 101 include the GPS function. Next I will discuss how the Archos 101 realizes this function. To make the Tablet PC gets GPS function; currently has to use a GPS receiver. Off of the aspects of connection methods, the outer receivers include the USB, infrared, and also the blue tooth. The Archos 101 offers the blue tooth technology which does really well in transmission speed and distance. The Archos 101 adopts the Android 2.2 system with a strong compatibility to support kinds of GPS soft wares. As mentioned by the test, the Archos 101 can successfully support a ten GPS soft wares. When put it into the blue tooth GPS receiver, and turn the alteration to the ON position, the LED light of blue tooth will shine along with the GPS signal light turn yellow. Next step is to start the Archos 101 Tablet PC, loading in the Android platform to select the mark of setting to change the blue tooth to the open state, at aren't time, turn the blue tooth GPS for the on position. As soon as the connection between the Archos 101 along with the blue tooth is built, and use program is installed, the Tablet PC now becomes to a GPS. The above is a brief introduction of Archos 101 acting as a GPS, and also the more detailed information can be stripped away from the Archos exclusive shop. This tablet is great!!! I had 2 Cobys and gave them both home. Pieces of junk! This tablet is fast, finds satellites, wifi and will work off 3G too!! It's been when compared with the IPAD and after playing through having an IPAD yesterday why! It's awsome! Final words: if get Archos 101 - do not forget to register the product and regularly update the firmware. If you have consider the change log in their official web sites - hand calculators see that how much progress Archos had considering in itself and tablets are still in their infancy value. I hope this review will an individual in choice.
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