despite switch to led lights, christmas hydro usage climbing in b.c.

by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
In the past seven years, the amount of electricity used for Christmas lights has increased significantly, despite two-
Three British columnians gave up energy.
Dry incandescent lamps for LEDs.
The increase can be attributed to excessive blows.
In seasonal yard art, people may replace incandescent lamps with more LED string of lights, says Clark Griswald. C. Hydro. And about one-
The third of the hydropower users insisted on using the old-
Old-fashioned incandescent lamps used for decoration, much more electricity than lamps
Fish, a spokeswoman for the water and electricity company, said LEDs.
She said that LED lights were first sold to consumers 15 years ago and turned to LED lights on a large scale 10 years ago. by December, the province\'s electricity consumption dropped in 2011.
\"If everyone has adapted to the LED lights, the decline in usage will be higher,\" she said . \".
But, according to the new B. , the larger display contains more lights, electronics, and inflatable Santa Claus and snowman, and power usage has surged by 15 percentage points in December since 2012. C.
Hydro released a report on Friday entitled \"from Grinch to Griswold: holiday shows a trend to increase electricity bills.
\"Since December, after the adjustment of population growth, electricity consumption in 2012 has increased by 15 percentage points, but it is still 7 percentage points.
The report said the proportion was caused by \"larger and more complex holiday exhibitions. The fan-
Electric inflatable displays use more power than lights, and usually turn on around the clock, not just on dark nights, Fish says.
They may become more and more popular. A B. C.
Hydropower Survey found thatin-
Three British columnians who responded said there was a large exhibition nearby.
The survey also found that 750 of respondents said they had more than 100,000 lights installed and some used more than one.
According to the survey, 15% admitted to turning on the circuit breaker switch through overload.
According to the survey, almost the respondents installed seasonal lights.
Among them, nearly 3 shares were invested, 13 shares were invested in 8 shares, and 6 shares were invested in at least 10 shares.
During the holidays, it will cost $40 to plug in eight ordinary incandescent Christmas lights;
According to B. , if the LED, only 50 cents in the same period. C. Hydro.
Fish says an average of 24/7 of inflatable displays will cost $50 for water and electricity during December.
A Cloverdale couple who decorated the yard with thousands of lights saw their electricity bills soaring around Christmas, but they said it was worth spreading the joy of the season.
Andrea and Dan bonito held a grand exhibition at their home on Jersey Avenue, and she estimated that in December, the home\'s lighting cost was $500.
\"This is one of the things we spend money on,\" Andrea said . \".
She said that the lights are LED and can be turned on every night from 5: 30 to 10: 30.
They have turned the exhibition into a fundraising event at Surrey Memorial Hospital, she said.
\"People tell us how much they love it,\" she said . \".
\"They look from all over the place. ”B. C.
The company said it did not advise homeowners to turn off Christmas lights.
\"We really encourage people to keep the lights on.
\"This is a great way to show their Christmas spirit,\" Fish said . \". But she said B. C.
Hydro recommends switching to the led, using the timer for display, instead of turning on all day, using B. C.
Hydro will determine how many Christmas lights will be added to your bill.
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