Easy methods to Choose Your Perfect Soloticas

by:JINCHU     2020-06-28
If your natural eye color is medium or light brown you have much more options with Solotica's color contact lens. The perfect model a person personally is Natural Colors. The colors of this model are less opaque than the Hidrocharme or Hidrocor models, so the result color is absolutely natural which might give you a dramatic change as Well. The Hidrocor model is also recommended you r , The Hidrocor 's colors Are lighter versus NC 's colors. Note how the result color is different from one in order to individual another ,since the lenses are semi transparent and blends in addition to natural the color of eyes. You can google for that word 'Solotica' so you'll see many videos all those contact lenses , but it is valuable to know what is the natural eye hue of the within the person who wears the contact contacts. Please note that the result color on your depends also in the model. If Your natural eye color is medium brown or honey and you want a small to Medium change choose from the following : - Natural Colors Ice, Honey, Green, Graphite, Ochre - HidroCor Ice ,Honey, Green, Graphite, Ochre - Hidrocharme Honey, Ochre If Your natural eye color is medium brown or honey an individual also want a dramatic change choose throughout the following : - Hidrocharme Ice,Green, Green Marine, Blue, Graphite - Blue, Green Marine of All models - Natural Colors Emerald, Topaz , Quartz , Blue For more , photo videos collectively with a lot of about the Solotica disposable lenses go to: or to You may register to the free newsletters at : There numerous more beautiful colors seems beautiful on medium and light eyes good. I endorse you to try them your own eyes because while i said ahead of when the result color is completely different from one person to another may must try them with your specific natural eye shading. For beautiful eyes Lisa
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