Frequent Problems in The Detection of LED Lamps

by:JINCHU     2020-06-11
LED lamp detection is a very important project, the detection process is judged LED lamps qualified nature of this process, what problem? 1 electrical insulation requirements do not meet The main performance of the products within the electrical clearance and creepage distance is not enough, the body touches the conductor is not safe isolation of lv. Especially in some small lamps, because of the compact, often ignore electrical insulation distance requirements. 2 the drive ( electronic transformer ) does not satisfy the corresponding LED driver safety requirements, or the actual simple circuit to operate a vehicle LED. 3 nameplate along with meet specification requirements The nameplate parameter identification is not complete, specifications without installation instructions and safety notice. 4 products exceed however there are some electromagnetic disturbance voltage Most LED adopts lv DC power supply, have a need to drive circuit, due to blindly pursue low-cost, producers use low-cost driving circuit, the circuit does not use any electromagnetic interference suppression measures, causes conduction and radiation exceed regular voltage. 5 harmonic current isn't qualified Many lamps with half wave rectifier or chopper circuit for power supply, circuit generates a rich harmonic, on power grip caused by impact, make the home appliance is bust properly. 6 The lamps of low power factor Fluorescent light source power factor of only 0.5-0.6, other gas discharge lamp light source power factor of only 0.3-0.5, and the electricity sector to the pressure factor for the distribution system requirements are high ( low voltage power supply of low voltage power supply power factor should achieve 0.9 above, high voltage power supply of low voltage power supply power factor should reach 0.95 7 will not meet the performance requirements of lamp light LED lamp principle and traditional source of light has the quite big difference, the designer only cares about whether the lamps lighting, ignored the photometric and colorimetric quality requirements, causing the lamp color temperature deviation, low color rendering index ( because of not less than 80 ), initial luminous efficiency aren't able to meet vehicle of low efficiency isn't up towards the requirement of their time saving. Some appear to be exorbitant pursuit light effect, ignored the lumen maintenance ( life), LED lamps and the service life is low, still can not reach car of economical.New from LED candle bulb
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