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by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
Ranch: while some urban areas are bathed in the glory of Lighting LED lights, others are in the dark, which is very frustrating for daily commuters and drivers.
The giant telegraph pole of Karbala Jok is tilted to a point where it cannot be reflected on the street.
Fahim Khan, a local resident, said, \"after dusk, the light from the tilted overhead lamppost is of no use to us.
The lights from passing vehicles and other vehicles are dazzling, and we need to be extra vigilant when driving two-wheelers.
\"Dangratoli Chowk is an important link for commuters to lanch railway station, Birsa Munda Airport, Hatia railway station and the rest of the city, and it hides a lamp post under the power distribution wire that makes it look redundant.
The situation is the same for Karbala Chowk and the driver uses it to reach bahubazal, the main road, the Church Road and Plaza k square.
There are other areas, such as hinderpiri and Mountain View Road, where residents have to do so without street lights.
There are more than 30,000 street lamps (
LED and sodium Steam)
According to the lanch Municipal Corporation (RMC)
More than 5,000 of them always have problems.
\"In order to maintain the street lights, we put a rope on the bright neon sign.
The agency will deal with the work within 48 hours on the basis of complaints.
After we receive the complaint through the toll-free phone number and the ward member, we will also send our staff.
On average, we received 200
The function of the street lamp, \"Nagendra Dubey, in-charge (Light)of RMC, said.
Dubey Dangratoli added that complaints and karbalachowks that they had not yet registered.
A Civil Society official said the shortage of funds was a major problem that prevented regular maintenance of the road light poles and LED bulbs.
Another municipal commissioner, Bidhyanand panpanpankaj, said they would sign an agreement with Delhi soon
Energy Efficiency Services Limited for installing more street lights.
\"We will also install another 16,000 street lamps.
We installed about 12,000 LED bulbs and 18,000 steam lights last year . \"
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