how solar panel highways work

by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
Advantages of solar panel highway you may have seen traffic warning signs on the side of the road with small solar panels.
While they are an example of how solar power can help us drive our experiences, they are just the tip of the iceberg.
On August 2008, the Oregon Department of Transport installed a row of 5 feet solar panels (1. 5 meters)
At a junction near the two interstate highways, there are two wide football fields.
These panels are designed to power the power grid of Portland General Electric, providing nearly 30% of the electricity for the lights running the highway at night [source: Rivera].
As you can see, solar panels already have applications on our roads.
But some even came up with the idea further and proposed that we build our own roads with solar panels.
Solar roads in the United StatesS.
The company plans to make a row of solar panels with well-designed structures on which cars and trucks can travel.
When we drive, they collect solar energy to power our homes and businesses.
\"Solar Highway\" consists of three independent panels-
The top of the hierarchy-
The strength of the traction provided to the vehicle, the textured glass, the solar cell array used to collect energy, and the substrate for allocating the collected energy [
Source: solar road.
They are not just solar collectors.
The panel contains LED lights powered by the Sun, which can be used as warning signs for roads and built into roads.
In addition, they can use the heat collected to melt ice and snow on the road.
The company also said that there is a source of electricity under the car at any time, which will make it easy for electric cars to keep charging at roadside stations ---
Remove the main obstacles faced by electric vehicles, that is, find the place to charge when they use the battery [
Source: solar road. With each 12-foot by 12-foot (3. 7-meter by 3. 7-meter)
Can produce 7 panels. 6-
Electricity per kilowatt hour, solar roads per mile can generate power for up to 500 households [Source: Jacquot]. The U. S.
The Department of Transport thinks a grant of $100,000 to the company is a good enough idea.
But can the solar panels really hold on?
On the next page, we will look at the shortcomings of the solar panel highway and see if the idea is really feasible.
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