it will cost $700,000 to replace 300 light fixtures on calgary\'s peace bridge

by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
$24 in Calgary5-
Wanhe Bridge is approaching its fifth birthday and the city continues to spend money to repair and maintain its spiral steel structure.
The latest repair work began on Monday, when staff from the joint project began to install 300 new LED lamps on the red bridge designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
According to the city, the switch will cost $700,000 and will take more than a month to complete, which is necessary because the current lights will go out all the time in the winter.
The latest work was done three months after the span over the Bow River was closed at night and the repair cost was $152,000, to half
A dozen broken glass panels, two months later, the city began building a $400,000 crosswalk to reduce the cost of people walking to the bridge.
The city said the current lights at popular attractions did not go out because of the cold winter in Calgary, which had previously been replaced under warranty.
\"The original light fixtures were rated indoors, which is the technology they had at the time, and that\'s what they chose,\" said Anna Menick . \", A spokeswoman for the city\'s road department.
\"They can\'t stand the bad weather in Calgary. . .
It\'s too cold. they just burned out.
\"The advancement of technology means 300 of the 130 new lamps,\" said Monique-metre-
The long bridge will last for several winters, which will save the city maintenance costs in the long run.
\"These new LED lights will remain in good condition for 15 to 20 years.
\"The old lights only work in three to five years,\" Melnick said.
It is expected that the replacement of all 300 lamps will be completed in December, although cyclists and pedestrians can still use intersections during the repair period, because when the staff work, one side of the bridge will be closed, so it will be narrower.
Melnick said the new fixtures will also improve the safety of the Peace Bridge, as LED lighting will allow pedestrians and cyclists to see the details more clearly as they cross the structure.
She doesn\'t know how or if the new lights will change the look of one of Calgary\'s most photographed buildings at night.
While it has become a popular tourist attraction and a valuable connection between Sunnyside and the city center, the Peace Bridge has a complex and controversial background.
The city council approved the bridge in 2008, just seven days before the global economy fell into chaos. S.
The banking giant Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and quickly became a symbol of luxury during the painful recession.
It\'s close to other bridges and soles
The purchase of the foreign designer further propelled the drama and cast a shadow over the opening of the bridge in March 2012, nearly 18 months after the target due date.
@ Postmedia.
After the story was published, the architect asked to include the following: \"The San Diego caratrava office supports the decision of the City of Calgary to improve the lighting of the Peace Bridge with the latest, state-of-the-art LED technology, as part of its sustainable street light program.
However, it is very inaccurate to state that the original peace bridge lighting was \"used indoors to some extent\" and was chosen primarily for aesthetic purposes.
According to the manufacturer\'s specifications, the original bridge light was explicitly rated for outdoor use and was designed to function in the following
Cold temperatures, as well as temperatures directly exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, hail and strong winds.
As an engineering company, the function of bridges and all bridge components has always been a priority for this project.
The overall design of the bridge and its materials are a direct response to the multiple constraints of the site. ”xa0—
Nicole collinski, spokesman for the office of Santiago Calatrava.
The city is transforming 80,000 street lamps into LED lights.
As of August, a total of 45,000 lamps had been replaced;
The rest will be replaced by the end of 2018.
The city is estimated to save $1 million in maintenance costs and $5 million in energy costs each year.
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