Leaded to absorb dome light profile

by:JINCHU     2020-06-20
LED to absorb dome light is adsorption or a part of the ceiling lamp roof, it and droplight, is the main body for the indoor lighting equipment, may be the family, office, entertainment, and. Various kinds of places often choose lamps and lanterns. Lead to absorb dome light general diameter in 200 mm or so dome light appropriate passages, bathroom in use, and 400 mm in diameter is is situated not compared to 16 m2 room top advisable. These days Led Light Accessories to absorb dome light common have D shape tube and annular tubes two and the size of this difference. The choose and obtain when find three Led to absorb dome light. Phone product label all ready, regular the label of the product often is more normative, should logo: trademark and of your factory, this capsule model specifications, rated voltage, frequency, rated power set. 2 look lamps and whether the masai have a power safety CCC authentication marks, external wire section area was the frequency should be 0.75. Three charged body see lamps are exposed, and light into lamp holder, mustn't touch the finger charged metal lamp holder. With the increase of the family decorates heat, absorb dome light changes also changing, no longer limited to the former single lamp, as well as to diversification development, both absorb the droplight of luxurious with air, and used the type suction a great of installation, avoid the shorter room cannot put large luxury lamp ACTS the role of anomalies. The lamp of the body absorb dome light installed directly on the roof, for fat lighting, used often to sitting room and master bed room. Absorb dome light in the installation and use should be paid focus to in the following: (1) as brick the particular installation to absorb dome light, should use embedded bolt, or by expansion bolt, nylon plug or plastic plug fixation; Do not use wood wedge. And the fixing aspects of the bearing capacity of should absorb dome transportable and enhance. To ensure that absorb dome light fixation, reliable, and can prolong true life. (2) when the rise bolt, should according towards technical requirements of products choice bolt specifications, the outlet diameter and embedding depth to and bolt conditions. (3) the number of fixed lamp holder bolts shall not really less than lamps through the base of fixed number of holes, and bolt diameter and aperture should match; Base of the lamps and lanterns of without fixed installation holes (installation to punch), each lamps can be used for fixed bolts or screws shall halt less than 2, as well as the center of gravity of the lamps with bolts or screws coincide with the biggest market of gravity; Given that the diameter of the insulation stage in 75 mm as well as the following, and still have use a bolt or screws. (4) not installed straight away to the dome light of flammable objects, some families to beautiful with paint three splint line behind in absorb dome light, in fact this can be quite dangerous, has to take heat insulation measures; If lamps and LED Controllers high temperature parts surface close to fuel, use heat insulation or cooling measures. (5) to soak up dome light before installation should also check: (1) to all of the lamps of the core wires section, TongXin soft line isn't less than 0.4, TongXin not reduce 0.5 was, or lead must get replaced. (2) the conductors and lamp holder connection between, lamp holder of parallel conductors connect to prison solid, electrical contact should be good, lest because contact undesirable, appear conductors and connection involving the produced sparks, and produce risk. (6) if absorb dome light is utilised in the lamp holder snail mouth, the wiring must bother about the following two points: (1) phase line running in the very center the contact's terminal, zero line the actual world thread running the terminal; (2) the lamp holder of the insulation case should not have damaged and leakage, in the instance that when replacement bulbs to pay for electric zap. (7) along with incandescent bulbs with absorb dome light, the light bulb should not close to the chimney; The vitality of light bulb also should be consistent with the technical requirements for products choice, cannot too big, to prevent the light bulb to high temperature, the glass broke down after splashed down changes. (8) and absorb dome light power into line two thrum, electrical contact should be Connector / Power Wire good, but also with black tape respectively wrapped, and make a certain distance, mindful will not put in same line head two metal plates, lest short circuit, produce risk. (9) education in indoor kids not to lamps along with the content regarding casting the balloon, in order to avoid the lighting decorations of cut within the suspension located on the adornment effect of lamps or act upon.
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