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60W Single Row LED Light Bar on Offroad Vehicle

Singe row 10W LED light bar is perfect to for mounting on the bumper of the Off-road.

60W, 100W and 120Ware the most common choices for users.


LED light bars are available in Flood, Spot and Combo styles. Spot will shine longer while Flood shines wider. This king of single row light bar can range from 5inches to 49inches in length.


This light bar can be used off road and also for work, such as construction, industrial or agricultural.

The light bar has two types of mount brackets for choosing (bottom fit and end cup mount), so the light can be mounted almost anywhere. 


Single row light bars have become extremely popular. The lamps can be found on the bumper as this picture showed, and can be found spanning the top of a vehicle windshield, or in a grille insert.


If you are looking for new design single row LED light bar, big reflector light bar is recommended, which has the more beautiful design.

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