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20W LED Light Bar on Car

What you see on the top of the car is a set of 20W single row LED light bars.
The model of the light bar is JC10118S-20W.


The lamp use the update 10W Cree LED chip – XM-L2, which delivers up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt and double the lumens-per-dollar of the original XM-L. 

The 20W single row LED light bar uses advance PC lens which is GE brand from USA. The lens is super tough for it’s the same material as high speed rail windshield.


The beam pattern can be Spot, Flood, and Combo (for longer size). If you want the light to be more Spot, you can choose the projector type

The light bar has many sizes, please go to the light bar page to see more details.

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