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LED Work Light & Light Bars On Jeep

The light bar on the top of the Jeep is one of the big reflector (2015 released) series.
It's the longest size in this series. The model number is JC10118B-270W.
This kind of light is the newest design, has three mount brackets for option: side or bottom mount bracket, and telescopic mount bracket.
The single row big projector light bar (at middle of the pic, 2014 released. The big projector light bar in the picture is JC10118A-20W.) and the classic design light bar have Spot, Flood, Combo for optional.  
Both series can be put side or bottom mount bracket.
The classic design (light bar at the bottom of the pic) -- JC10118S series is very hot in USA, America, etc, and it has double row design too.
JC1004-40W (the round lamp) has Spot and Flood for choosing. Using 304 stainless steel mount bracket.

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