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51W LED Driving Light & Single Row 10W LED Light Bar

The set of lamps in front of the jeep are 51W LED driving light, which are the hot sale products in our factory. 
By using high quality material (3W Bridgelux LED chip from USA, Bayer PC lens from Germany), the lamp provides you with high performance.
If you are looking for higher power driving light, you can choose the 60W LED driving light, which uses Cree LED chip from USA.
The size is the same as the 51W LED driving light, while offering higher lumens.


The one of the top of the Jeep is single row LED light bar, 10W Cree LED per chip, total is 240W.
There are many kinds of single row light bar,  such as slim 3W Cree LED light bar, 5W single row light bar and the 10W single row LED light bar.
The big reflector light bar, which is the newest design, is recommended. 

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