LED Light Perfect For Tattoo Parlors

by:JINCHU     2020-06-23
Amerikal's LED Lite draws approximately 1 amp @ 8 volts. The dependable LED light has a 60,000 hour life and eliminates the need for hassling with bulb replacement. A crystal lens cover protects the LED unit from rough taking care of. Crosshair LED aiming allows for hands free visual targeting. The housing unit is powder coated for durability and ease of carpet cleaning. An on/off toggle easily activates the unit. The LED Lite can be mounted to any surface with a few hole exterior mounting flanges. Duplex outlet available for plug in of two electrical components. This is provides you with the ability to plug in very much 2 items. Suit perfectly power tools that will help work, or only a click place to power port in any accessories that's needed. The light itself offers adjustable 38 inch gooseneck arm for quick adjustment. This stable gooseneck allows a person to work hands-free without hasseling to obtain the lighting in the required spot. A typical light can easily cost over $60 every twelve months in electrical charges, the Amerikal RT Lite costs just just a little over $6 per year to workout!!! That's a savings of over $57 a year. Think of the savings when you upgrade each of your lighted work areas using Amerikal RT Lite!!! LIGHTING SAVINGS COST COMPARISON Day Week Month Year AMERIKAL RT LITE $0.01 $0.12 $0.51 $6.30 COMPETITOR'S LED LIGHT $0.02 $0.20 $0.86 $10.51 90 WATT LIGHT $0.17 $1.22 $5.24 $63.77 *based upon $0.08 KWH @ six hours on time LIGHTING ANALYSIS Amp Watt Hertz AMERIKAL RT LITE two.12 9 59.9 COMPETITOR'S LED LIGHT 0.14 15 59.9 90 WATT LIGHT 6.75 90 59.9 *based upon $0.08 KWH @ 6 hours on time Visit our store to acquire on-line at or call Amerikal at 847-244-3600 to order by phone and trim expenses on shipping having to pay the exact cost based on delivery destination zip value.
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