Maglite XL 100 for Practical Day and Night Usages

by:JINCHU     2020-06-19
From various Maglite flashlight types that sold widely at the market, Maglite XL 100 is the popular flashlights among household users. XL 100 is quite affordable and it does not have a large dimension; in order to small and lightweight enough for household you'll need. While many people who are not law enforcement officers or outdoor explorers often extensively use cheap, lower quality product, XL 100 series from Maglite provides enough light and illuminating functions without too expensive. Main Associated with Maglite XL 100 Flashlight The first thing to note is the XL 100 dimension and weight. This tool is just 3.68 ounces in weight and many.5 inches in length, making it very light and not a worry to store. You can this flashlight inside the toolbox, cooking drawer as well as in your bedroom, and it won't take up much space in the storage situation. The LED power of Maglite flashlight is not as high it's more than adequate for household uses. At 83 lumens, this tool gives brighter light that an individual can ever hope from cheaper flashlights. You will know even mini Maglite Torch can provide more light than cheap, fluorescent bulb flashlight, so XL 100 must be than enough light inside and in the home. In addition, the strong aluminum coating and strong bezel choose this flashlight we are self-defense programme. You can even bring it in your purse or bag if necessary. Detailed Specs of Maglite XL 100 Flashlight This tool turns out to have huge potentials with five lighting modes: bright beam, targeted beam, night light, SOS and strobe lamp. While bright beam provides maximum light, targeted light gives focused beam that valuable to illuminate certain spots (such like corners) or lighting specifics of something that you are working on closely like car engine and a craft. SOS and strobe lamp are mostly used for emergency, that you can use the Maglite flashlight to send a signal or extending its love to blind and confuse an assailant before doable ! escape. Meanwhile, night light has a softer focus and dimmer beam additionally save the battery and use the flashlight for activity that won't require too bright lewis. Therefore, from one flashlight, you will get everything; lightweight flashlight, five different beam modes, brighter beam is fairly better life cycle of battery compared to traditional torch. Forget cheap flashlights that only work for a few years or perhaps months; XL 100 is really a Maglite flashlight perfect for day and night activities at to your home.
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