Mini Light Bar - Small in Size But Big In Performance

by:JINCHU     2020-06-18
A mini light bar is quite compact normally cost under $300. It comes good not just for smaller cop vehicles but also for the bigger ones particularly budget is one of your concerns. These mini light bars make sure that you have a powerful emergency warning signal that can be relied upon. The main issue with a mini bar is its smaller size can mean lesser array of features and a less powerful warning signal. However, what mini bars miss in terms of number LED elements, they more than make up with good technology and optical enhancements. One of extra impressive features in the mini light bar is the utilization of advanced modern technology such as ROC LED technology, total internal reflection technology and light house optics, which help you make the most of this lighting. The technology helps you in maximising the lighting out from the LED elements, sometimes providing good therapy of the various light beam parameters and extending the beam far and wide. The use of optic spreading filters for example, can be useful for expanding the beam on either direction, horizontally and up and down. There are slide in and double Fresnel lenses which are present to help enhance the quality of the beam, ensuring that it travels farther and wider without much dispersion. A mini light bar can also provide 360-degree light distribution, uniformly in all directions. You can come up a bar that includes a pair of LED light strobes with a diamond mirror installed in between them. In other cases, there are LED elements which are beautifully placed in the parabolic centre of chrome or aluminium deflectors. This helps to ensure that the light emanation from the LED elements is collected and then deflected in an outwardly direction. There both are coloured as well as white LEDs of different sizes used in mini bars. Some mini bars have a grouping of 5mm LEDs which usually are used to offer the lighting. The 1, 2 or 5 Watt LEDs are utilized in modules of 4 or 8. Gen III LEDs moved to such small modules provide bright and effective lighting without taking too much disk space. Coloured lenses can provide the chances to flash a multi-coloured beam that can grab the attention with greater potency. A mini light bar with dual coloured LEDs, lenses or filters with flash patterns incorporated in without the requirement of an external flasher, can be greatly efficient in sending across a powerful warning signal. The mini bar and smaller in size can be mounted with ease with the help of swivel brackets or stainless steel ties. It is possible to synchronize the flash patterns belonging to the mini bar with another dash light or deck light bar for a more effective warning point. There are light bars which come without any dark spots or shadows. Some mini bars along with as many as 20 flash patterns, along with default patterns that can be easily operated, through pattern selection push button switches.
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