mornington island community left in the dark for 15 months waiting for street light repairs

by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
Queensland, a remote aboriginal committee in the Bay of capantalya, said the security of the community was threatened and that local police were not able to work properly because, for about 15 months, about 1,000 residents of the town do not have street lights.
The Mornington County Council says many street lights on the island owned by the parliament were damaged by lightning in February 2017.
The chief executive, Frank Mills, said that since then, in order to protect the safety of the community, the Commission has been working to get Ergon Energy to repair the lights.
\"Due to the lack of street lights, the police have a lot of problems at night\'s work,\" he said . \".
Emma Reilly, a senior police officer at Mornington Island, said that for police officers who often work on the street, it is dangerous to have no lights.
\"We can\'t see what is coming to us, and when we deal with one thing, no matter where it is on the street, you can\'t see anything around you, because it\'s too dark, said Sergeant Riley.
\"There are always events happening, especially in the evening, when there is no light, and we attend, which brings us problems,\" said Sergeant Reilly . \".
If there is a fight on the street and if the police respond without lights at all, it will be dangerous, she said.
\"We help the Queensland Ambulance, which makes things very difficult when you try to lift people out of the street but you can\'t see anything.
Sergeant Emma Reilly said the driver was also at risk.
\"When we turn, if there is a person or an animal on the road, you will not see them until you are basically on top of them. \" she said.
Mr. Mills said that before they could arrange the works, the council would have to pay Ergon $120,000 in advance for the repair, which the council paid approximately 12 months later, because it has to wait for the funds that need to be approved for the disaster.
After paying for the repair, he said that the Commission had been informed that the work had been scheduled for August.
\"Effectively, Ergon has kept us in the dark for a long time and they will continue to keep us in the dark in the future, which is unacceptable in this era.
\"Members of Traeger Rob Katter say the situation on Mornington Island is regrettable.
\"It\'s always more difficult to do anything in such a remote place, and it\'s part of the adversity that lives there, and you shouldn\'t put up with it,\" Mr. katter said.
\"If your street lights don\'t work in Townsville or Brisbane, I\'m sure Elgen will be smart soon.
\"Mr. Katter said he knew that the funds for the disaster had been delayed until Parliament in the past.
\"There are a lot of problems with the way funds are made.
As far as other infrastructure like lighting is concerned, I haven\'t thought of it yet, so I think it\'s part of another discussion we\'ll have.
Mills said Ergon was aware of security issues affecting the community and the police.
After discussions with the Council, Elgen Energy said it offered to speed up the work of some damaged street lights on Mornington Island, with staff planning to start work early next month.
A spokesman for Ergon Energy said the company negotiated project payments based on size and customer type and used any initial payments for design and any procurement of special materials.
The spokesman said some of the damaged street lights on Mornington Island will be replaced by stronger LED lights, which cost more
Effective for remote communities.
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