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Mumbai Metro Goes Green with LED Lighting and Other Measures


Mumbai Metro One announced it will be going green by installing LED lights and energy harvesting solar panels, reported Business Standard recently.

To reduce electricity consumption, the company’s subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure, the Mumbai Metro One (MMOPL) will turn to solar energy to meet its operation demands, and switch to LEDs at all metro stations, depots, and administrative buildings.

Rooftop solar panels will be installed in four locations on the MMOPL’s depot and all 12 stations on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar line, which is the first metro railway in Mumbai, connecting the eastern and western suburbs.

The initiative which is part of Mumbai Metro One’s “Go green go clean” campaign marks the company’s second anniversary of the 11.40 km long line.

The initiative is a part of Mumbai Metro One's "Go green go clean" campaign launched to mark second anniversary, on Wednesday, of the 11.40 km long line.

By converting all the lights at Mumbai Metro One’s depot, the administrative buildings and stations to LED lamps will be carried out simultaneously is expected to halve energy consumption.

For more details about solar harvesting panels and other devices to be installed as part of Mumbai Metro’s plans.

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