New Light design


There are new products launched almost every quarter to make sure you are the first one to know it on local market.

New light design is based on the information:

Customer requirements




1. According to a customers specific requirements, we produce some totally new lamps, such as JC1007A-70W, JC1012-120W series, based on the requirements of an Australia customer.



2. According to customers requirement, we improve the old lamps, such as add side brackets for LED light bar, add waterproof breathable plug for LED driving light and work light.




3. According to customers requirement, to improve a certain lamp to have better performance, such as JC0304C-18W.

The use enviroments and vehicle

In order to get a better performance of the LED light bar on the market, we developed a new model of JC10118B series, now the market share is occupied by JC10118B series gradually.

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