Philips Energy Saving The Quality of Professional 273P3L

by:JINCHU     2020-06-16
Recently, the continuous introduction of two 27-inch large screen display, the Philips monitor masterpiece again and again, professional 27-inch large screen LED display 273P3L shock struck. The only professional-grade display with full HD Need for quality, and energy-saving environmental protection, based on the Philips leads the world within Core Fixed light perception (PowerSensor) technology, according on the user running the test case, the corresponding conditioning energy consumption, saving you Up to 80% in the electricity! Philips Philips 273P3L is the first half of 2011, heavy intensity, 27-inch large screen, magnificent, such a large with LCD TV monitors have been comparable to often the. In general, the display is used for close range, is often said of 27-inch large-size limit, after which you can obviously not suitable for large close watch out for. As a result, this presentation can be described as visual effects 273P3L . On the other hand, it uses the currently most popular LED technology, it's the monitor carries a clear advantage in conjunction with other energy-saving, however to ensure the standard the more vibrant colors of nature, can be named cake and eat it. At the same time, this new big-screen Philips has applied the three original Smart technology to ensure outstanding visual effects for your users experience. The intelligence was bright (SmartImage), which analyzes the content displayed on the screen, supply to optimize excellent performance. This user-friendly interface allows anyone to select the 'office software', 'image', 'Entertainment', 'power' and other models, to get accustomed to the applications active. Smart Image dynamically based on pick to optimal contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and video to discover the superior display total performance. Just your touch of a button, all functions realized immediately! The second is the exciting high up 20,000,000:1 smart difference. In addition to significantly improve the contrast of this thanks to LED backlighting technology, but also depends on the Philips leads the world's Intelligent Contrast (SmartContrast) technology, when users watch video or dark shades of dark shades to take part in the game, it will analyze display content, automatically adjusting colors and controlling backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for the best digital images and optimum contrast, thus enhancing the entertainment, for consumers ultimately most perfect display quality and visual repast. Finally, this new product also features unmatched global Philips Intelligent Response (SmartRespose) technology, making it up to speed response time of 2ms, so how the video games and faster response time, allowing you pick between watching photos and static images for better color saturation. Elephants can dance the ultimate energy saving 80% While 27-inch large screen will make people resist, but for a lot of users, they end up being worried about this machine called a great electricity bills as well as the huge power drinking. But 273P3L the opposite. As a professional P series 273P3L, originally part from the Philips 'Brilliance Rui Li,' The certification system has, your stringent implementation of customized environmental standards. At the same time, this force like LED models, power-saving than traditional LCD displays, and Smart Image of the power saving mode will be nothing for of which you save energy. Of course, more importantly, the full introduction of this large-screen LED Core Philips unique dynamic light perception (PowerSensor) software. PowerSensor equivalent to the built-in 'human sensors', able to transmit and receive wireless infrared signal uncover whether the user is in place, and the user leaves the computer automatically reduce the brightness of the display, which can trim 80% of power needed to run and extend effortless life. In saving gonna do it . time, this machine is also reflected in the energy-saving environmental protection has been green Philips pattern. This machine has adopted the internationally renowned EPEAT Gold official qualifications. This means that users can ensure better health and the environment protection, energy-efficient design ensures a high degree of emission of greenhouse gases to climate change less. EPEAT program helps buyers based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to secure the 51 environmental criteria evaluation, comparison and selection of monitors. This certification can also ensure the regarding plastic in as a minimum 30% of post-consumer recycled resin, thereby reducing the regarding toxic and hazardous substances. You truly rest assured that yo. Careful manipulation of human caring and convenient, such as micro Watch excellent, simply no fear, this course will make customer satisfaction, but for fashion people, effectively more stress is determined on a machine Excellence operating experience. In this regard, it is quite Philips 273P3L to the force. First of all, this machine is an embodiment gives the user the 'human' associated with the base - not only can be tilted, rotated 90 degrees and can be height adjustable, such that each user can determine the optimal viewing position monitor to achieve maximum comfort and effectivity. Secondly, connection of the, 273P3L preset HDMI, only through a single cable from your or any involving AV sources (including set-top boxes, DVD players and A / v receiver) can transmit high-quality digital audio and video signal. The details of the processing machine people are quite cozy warm. Well-configured 3-port USB 2.0 Hub Allows users merely connect plug and play multimedia devices such as USB storage devices, cameras, mobile hard drive, web camera, PDA, printers and different USB-connected device. USB 2.0 hub discovered in a convenient location on the display, USB 2.0 can easily be signaling to pc. The other settings are also very practical, 273P3L the ScreenRotate feature allows to use the display in portrait or landscape mode; To alter the display belonging to the selected direction for the document or image to get a more affordable visual effect, you can rotate the display, it is adjusted to the required direction. In addition, 273P3L also built a pair of high-quality stereo speakers, using stealth forward design, does not affect the appearance, but also whenever we want to enjoy fantastic music, really thoughtful and considerate. More Gengshuang more provinces, a large screen display actually lightweight fashion, visual effects in the shock to bring the user to facilitate the application at the same time, it uphold the low-carbon environmental advocate, also possess a Philips ahead for this industry's 'three fly on regular warranty service ', allowing users to no longer worry about all the. Currently, this new product is starting to publicize in all supermarkets, like the Philips monitor consumers may decide to consider, so saving 27-inch large display Philips 273P3L provide for your life pleasant to enjoy things!
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