Probable Cause A Defense For Drunk Drivers

by:JINCHU     2020-06-15
So you've been arrested for drunk driving and it looks pretty bad. The officer did some field sobriety tests on you and also you didn't pass, and the Breathalyzer test wasn't exactly in your favor oftentimes. You feel doomed. However, all hope is not wasted. In fact, because of the legal theory of probable cause, with the assistance of an Atlanta DUI lawyer it's quite possible you actually could avoid conviction. To arrest someone, the police must have probable cause that the person committed a crime. 'Probable cause' means that a reasonable and cautious person would deduce that the preponderance of evidence was how the person committed the crime they're being arrested on. For instance, a police officer is not allowed to be able to someone over for being of a race how the police officer thinks commits many crimes; but very good allowed to pull someone over for speeding. To pull you over for drunk driving, the authorities officer must have an affordable suspicion that you committed a crime. What counts as reasonable suspicion can get very complicated, but basic traffic violations are often cited. For instance, trendy that has a broken tail light may be pulled over. The officer may request that you perform field sobriety tests or submit to chemical testing, but only if there's a reasonable suspicion that you've been having. For instance, strange behavior using the driver, a strong give an impression of alcohol or an open alcohol container in car may all lead to reasonable suspicion of a dui that will lead for the performance of a field sobriety test or a chemical test. Only your current products fail a test will they have probable cause to arrest you-and if they didn't have enough reasonable suspicion to have the test in the first place, then there wasn't probable cause. If you think you may been recently arrested without probable cause, call an Atlanta DUI lawyer today. An Atlanta DUI lawyer is skilled in helping people arrested for driving under the influence without probable cause and will decide on if your case has merit. This does, she or he will ability to to defend your Constitutional rights and protect you from police officers who overstep their bounds. The Ford Law Firm, led by Tom Ford, has practiced criminal defense law for decade in the Atlanta area. It prides itself on customer service: the phones constantly picked up by a real person with each client has Tom Ford's personal cellular number. With knowledge of the system and a working relationship with the prosecutor, the experienced, intelligent attorneys in the Ford Law Firm work for you. Contact them at 404.693.850 or 404.574.4409 (fax) or online at
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