Small Sun ZY-T08 Cree T6 LED Flashlight Review

by:JINCHU     2020-06-13
The Small Sun ZY-T08 has been listed on China Electronics online store Aurabuy for a while, it has been one of the most popular LED Flashlights after it publised. Nice format, comfortable to hold, secure grip. And essentially the most important is its extremely great throw especially with only 635 lumens, associated with threads on pill for decent heat conduction to move. Excellent reflector, even though it is resin based. Nice switch feel and thick, supple switch cap. All of these features makes it a helpful tool for lighting uses. The Small Sun ZY-T08 Appearance The machining as well as on body and head are first-rate. No sharp edges and big smooth surfaces show the smallest amount of machining if appear very close. The anodize is good, probably HA-II quality, with no dings or scratches when received. The gadget comes with lanyard. No spare o-rings. Fortunately all were in place and intact and no spares were needed. With only one o-ring in it's design it likely wouldn't have been needed. The lanyard is not bad. It's good to see better lanyards being incorporated with the more recent torch offerings. The well designed reflector surrounding the perfectly centered emitter. The emitter is centered with a nylon centering bushing. Involving fins mean a lot of surface area that wick away the high temperature produced by the XM-L emitter. Another shot at the fins surrounding the pill.? Deep fins and plenty of space for air to flow through them. Machining on top of the curved area of the body are attractive. You can see the grip ridges along the curved sides on the human body. What It is In The head This is a very nice head decor. The pill is removed through there's end. The emitter star was floating with a small amount of thermal mixture. Clean anodized threads for the lightly crenelated aluminum frame. Clean, nearly square threads for the pill at the base for this head. The lens and lens gasket (not an o-ring) fit snugly from the hit with zero tremble. Huge but very lightweight pill. Cash threads for many surface contact with the head to help wick away heat produced from emitter. Emitter mounting area is solid and as a thermal grease between it and the MCPCB. Associated with clean threads on the pill. The pill is 32mm in's huge.? The wide rim at the base sits against a matching recessed area in the beds base of your head. The inside of the pill is cavernous may possibly accomodate just about any driver you should want to use should the need arise in order to the stock driver. It's 24.5mm deep and 28.88mm across. You could use it to smuggle arms or even mexicans all through border. Genuine effort . PWM it's some of the fastest I in a low cost light. A whole lot better than most budget solutions. Stainless Steel Base For your Switch Components A in the metal base for your switch areas. You can see all the machining records. Purely cosmetic but it would be nice if the tooling marks were not there. The switch feel is good - light yet companie. The switch boot is thick but supple. It feels very durable. 4 allen head screws maintain the tail piece securely for the body. Utilizing the 4 screws removed you can see have to a soft rubber gasket between the tail cap and shape. This should provide plenty of water resistance which includes a small spot of shock protection if the light is dropped on it's tail.? The switch cap is held tightly with a thick, threaded ring. The Battery Tube On the ends, you can see the car battery tubes as well as the contact tag. The battery tube is deep along with the springs possess a lot of travel. Protected and unprotected cells should work fine. Due to a small lip over the pill, flat top cells will perform. Also, there possibly be a shorting risk with wide flat tops because of the closeness of ground level outer contact ring. The pill lip actually prevents this from occurring. My solution would be a small solder blob for your positive give up. Beamshots Here are some white wall beamshots, 1m distance, high, med, and low. The hot spot is well defined with a common XM-L corona. there are very minor thin rings regarding 1/3 diameter, only noticeable on a white choices. They appear a bit dim on here, nonetheless they should be good enough for a relative judgment. Conclusions The Small Sun ZY-T08 LED Flashlight is an extremely nice light. I has a nice finish (except for tailcap), decent output (better after a resistor mod, see first comment below), handles well, and the amount was just. Relic Recommended, especially for flashlight modders. For the price, the performance, and for overall quality I to be able to give this light a stronger recommendation.
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