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by:JINCHU     2020-06-11
LED or Light Emitting Diode technology is not new. LED's are a solid state as well as generate light by an activity called 'electroluminescence'. The phenomenon was first noticed instead of a hundred back in crystals of silicon carbide. Unlike another more common forms to build light from electricity with regard to example incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they aren't photon emitting hot wires or gas plasmas. LED's generate light by allowing the photon given off by an excited electron if this returns to some stable state to escape the semiconductor. This is where the first myth 'LED's are a chilly light source' originates. Although light is not generated by heating a wire or gas this means that statement somewhat true. A small percentage of excited electrons give of a photon when returning in order to stable state government. All the others give off their energy as warmness. Managing this heat in high power LED's becomes the most critical part of any LED design. As LED's are a state device they have access to a number of advantages over the other associated with lighting. That include two to a few times lumen efficiency, no fragile filaments or glass envelopes and lumen maintenance (technical term for lifespan) of very much 100,000 numerous. These benefits outweigh the higher design costs required initially when moving to an LED solution. Being a semiconductor diode junction LED's do not conform to 'Ohms Law' this is really a fundamental principal of electronics and basically governs how most electrical devices (such as normal incandescent lights) function. LED's have an incredibly steep current vs voltage curve higher than the diode knee voltage. What this means that these people could not be connected directly with power supply such as a battery. The uncontrolled current flow will destroy the LED. Test (but not most efficient) form of driving LED's is using a current limiting resistor. Unfortunately in many applications this resistor will generate frequently more heat then the LED. This further compounds the thermal management problem. When designing an LED lighting system thermal and power management should be the primary focus of the designer strategy to to achieve maximum efficiency and lumen maintenance. Composing work . not be a daunting task but it is an important one if everyone of many advantages of LED lighting in order to be noticed.
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