The Coordination Between Light And Shutter-to

by:JINCHU     2020-06-11
The minimalist composition of shooting flowers, by the coordination between slow shutter and light sweep way, can present the empty experience of them in the dark environment. In complete darkness, greatest the shutter sweeps, before the shutter close, recoding the various mysterious nobility in the darkness, and actually needs few steps to achieve. Necessary preparation Before formally coming into the dark photography, the most powerful 'weapon' in our hand is single light source in the darkness --- the flashlight. We have special request for that types of source of light. In order to guarantee the uniform and soft polishing, we recommend you the LED flashlight that can adjust the intensity of light, especially using iPad to achieve sweeping the light in large area and uniformly. 1.30 seconds to outline the graceful shape of flowers A different form of them brings up different freehand brushwork, and different times of flower also have different photographic methods. The complex flower need more carefully sweep away light. Choosing the beautiful shape before the lens by hand It is important to know the flower's characteristic and growth before taking. Be familiar with the length and width of petals, the thickness of blades and choose the shade of photographed buds. These may let you get twice result with half effort in photography. All of us pick the flowers we shoot, you will find the flowers of the deep pink and website marketing pattern is irregular. Data clearly passes a caution that photographer should take note. According to the color of flower to control the exposure time along with the light salary of petals, and unequal polish will cause clear shadow of bright and coloration. We can put the flowers into vase according to your growth of them, and taking strong action to press and correct the rose. Polishing uniformly front and back to outline the complex outline Before official photography, your shutter speed we set, we may use different polish time down to different associated with flower. Guarantee pure dark in the room and without light original. Shooting the small petals and thick blades flower, you can start at the any place of flower when start to polish, averagely moving the lighting source so that the light to uniformly sweep away the front of blossom.
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