The development of LED Industry Driving The development

by:JINCHU     2020-06-11
The rapid development of the LED industry greatly boosting the robust development upstream material industry, and further promote breakthroughs in the field of high-end materials. LED lamps used in a large number of plastic parts, including packaging components among the LED chip, LED optical lens, the lighting scattering element, efficient heat dissipation member, the light reflecting and lightweight diffusing number plate. LED lights are a sustainable alternative lighting solution, 30% to 80% more energy-efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lighting unit. LED lights are energy-efficient and less heat dissipation, however, the thermal performance of the thermal conductivity components is extremely important for LED lamp and services information life and energy-saving feeling. Therefore, researchers use the thermal conductive filler to uniformly fill the polymer matrix material, in order to improve its thermal performance, created a thermally conductive plastic yet effectively transfer heat. The thermally conductive plastic is gradually replacing metal parts in LED lamps thermal components, including the lamp holder, cooling heat lamp cup and cover. Compared to traditional metal materials, thermally conductive plastic has rewards. Mainly the following four points: First, radiating evenly in order to avoid burning point, reduce local deformation of parts the effect of high the weather. Second, light weight, 40-50% lighter than aluminum. Third, forming is convenient, and no need secondary processing. Fourth, the product design is high escape. People now maintain a superior degree of attention to carbon dioxide emissions, and gradually enhance the awareness of their time saving and environmental protection, the birth of the LED technology helps tourists to achieve encourage sustainable development. Using thermal conductivity of plastic to metal, with the ability to increase the flexibleness of the lighting design, reducing fundamental weight of lamps. In addition, the usage of conductive plastic can effectively improve lighting efficiency, saving power eating. With the government departments have trained with more attention, LED materials, especially the thermal conductivity of plastic will have very good prospects for the application and development of space. European economic affects China's export, the plasticizer market demand is less. Although viewed contrary to the Canton Fair, the Christmas orders compared to expected, the orders of america and South American countries occurs unexpected growth, but there are just like significant purchasing intention in raw materials market. Most people generally reflect the shrinking of downstream purchase. Many experts recognize with the advent of time frame season of plasticizer, require will face a situations test.
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