Traffic Lights For Cyclists - The Way Forward?

by:JINCHU     2020-06-07
Passing cyclists on the journey can be a challenge for Nottingham driving lecturers. Learners can be alarmed by the unpredictability and slow pace of cyclists as well as potential risk of injuring them by passing too close to all of them with. New plans for the testing of traffic lights for cyclists could possibly make the roads safer and procedures for their use will have in order to become taught during driving lessons in Nottingham. The new Dutch style traffic lights for cyclists will be set at eye-level and staggered to grant bikes a leading begin with traffic light controlled junctions allowing them to prosper of other traffic, mainly cars. Not exactly a good thing as car drivers will immediately start looking to overtake cycles at the first opportunity. Lorries and commercial vehicles will present an added serious problem owing inside their size and lack of manoeuvrability. The inevitable slowing down of traffic flow can result in worse congestion and very much stress on the roads, particularly at rush hour or so. This would create a pressure situation at the front side of the queue where lack of road space may lead to dangerously close overtaking. It may possibly be safer for cyclists not to take position at the front and wait naturally in the traffic queue. Transport for London is in talks with the government for the changes in law meant for extensive use of the lighting throughout the United Kingdom, but will go ahead and conduct trials using the new technology. Time will tell if the roads become reliable. Traffic lighting for cyclists are already used in France, Spain, Denmark, Germany and the United States, with the green light showing a logo of a bicycle. In Holland the lights are used on separate designated cycle lanes as well as at major junctions. Department for transport figures show how the number of deaths has risen steeply for cyclists whilst overall traffic fatalities are on the decrease. At many major junctions which already have multiple sets of traffic lights and filter arrows the confusion caused to learner drivers by yet another set of lights could be considerable, especially a green light which comes on prior to the main traffic lights. Inattentive motorists may think that the sunlight is meant for them especially at night or during adverse weather types of conditions. This would probably lead to many false starts and stalling as the instructor intervenes to stop the car. Many cyclists already completely ignore red traffic lights, even solar lights at controlled pedestrian crossings so could not be reasonably expected to abide by the new signals. Perhaps a more efficient way forward would be traffic education for cyclists a few form of testing. Presently there is no such requirement and anyone consider a bike on the fishing line without even a rudimentary knowledge of traffic signs and signals. Having untrained cyclists moving to top of a busy traffic queue could present an unnaturally real safety issue.
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