what to buy the winter cyclists in your life: your frostbike gift guide

by:JINCHU     2019-09-23
It is best Merino.
The other day, when I asked people what they had in winter --
This is an overwhelming response.
Wool, wool and more. (
It makes me wonder, why are you not ready for wool yet? How do you live in Canada without wool? Oh, yes, I know.
You have suffered, complained, and hated throughout the winter.
Thankfully, riding a bike can help you overcome this feeling. )
Although there is no reason to have any special bicycle equipment in winter
All you really need is a bike, a tuque and mitts, and some boots --
Christmas is coming. anyway, you have to buy gifts. so why not make that person\'s life easier in your life? According to some of your ideas and some of my own ideas, it is smart to realize that the advantage of cycling through winter is ice cream bike winter cycling gift Strategy 2014. (
Named after my new book on winter bikes, this is a nice Christmas gift. Just saying. )
Schwalbe Marathon inlaid winter tires if you are worried that slipping on ice in winter will prevent you from riding your bike in winter, then put the inlaid tires on your Christmas list.
You don\'t even need two.
There is a inlaid tire on your front wheel that can make the world different.
Of course, it will slow you down on bare asphalt, but it gives you confidence that it is worth the extra effort to make you on the icy road.
Schwalbe gets high marks for many people, but can also check out at 45 NRTH or ask for advice at a local bike store.
There are most bike shops.
It is recommended by @ commit2commit @ yycfoldingcycle and so on.
Keeping the visible Rydesafe reflective seat is the key to a safe ride, especially during winter days with less time.
But wearing a safety vest makes you feel like a construction worker.
Try to distribute this reflective decals this Christmas so they can be attached to the bike.
Use a little creativity and you might build-of-a-
Good car to brag about. Buy online here.
Richard ZachWanderlust Yaak\'s suggestion is that if a good pair of gloves or gloves can\'t keep your hands warm on the bike, it may be time to invest in a pair of pogiesi,. k. a bar mitts.
These insulating items are attached to your handlebar.
You slide your hand (gloved or not)
Enter them, which keeps them warm, while also allowing you to enter the brakes and gear changer.
There are many brands and models outside (
Most bikes and outdoor shops including MEC are available)
But these Yaak models are highly recommended.
Put them on your list. Buy online here.
Many people suggested it.
Buff NeckwarmerIt is amazing how the warm neck keeps the whole body warm on cold days.
Buff of these neckwarmers (
Yes, they are merino wool)
Don\'t make it look like you\'re robbing a bank in Moscow.
Many retailers in Calgary are available, including running rooms, Camper Village and bicycles, which the owner Sean Carter appropriately recommended.
Suggestions for bicycles. Icebreaker-the-
A decent pair of calf merino wool (or six)
Murray wool socks will change your winter life.
If you don\'t have a pair, buy some now.
Unlike the woodcutter socks of the past, they are thin, warm, comfortable and do not itch at all.
They make winter fun and keep you stylish.
Whatever winter riding you\'re doing, they\'re the key to keeping your feet warm --
Yes, even if you go to work in overalls.
There are Murray wool socks all over the place, but there are plenty of new icebreaker shops in the center of Chinook.
You can buy it on the icebreaker in the center of Chinook, or you can buy it online.
Suggestions from everyone.
MindShift Rotation 180 backpack these backpacks have a nice cubicle that rotates around the front like a built inin fanny pack.
I \'ve been trying it for a few weeks and it\'s a handy little feature, especially if you go out with the kids and they need to stop for a drink every five minutes, or remove or replace the gloves for the fourth time in the last 20 minutes.
Suitable for day trips and excursions, or quick use of the camera at any time.
It can be bought at the camera store or online.
It\'s really your suggestion.
45 NRTH Wolvammer winter bike boots regular winter boots are good for most Winter rides, but if you plan an epic fatbike trail race and find yourself putting these down in one
Waterproof, insulated, brilliant advertising like \"NASA\" and \"waterproof-
These boots are the ultimate winter bike shoes (
Yes, they can get a clip. in pedals).
They are the best at this price.
Available in several bike shops in the city including Bow Cycle, Ridley, bike shop, pure cycle and bike.
Suggested by David Guzman
EarwarmersA thin tuque or balaclava under the helmet is usually enough to keep you warm, even if the weather is very cold.
Almost any one, but there are some bikes-
Or, if you\'re lucky to have a weavers like Lisa in your life, ask them to make a pair for you.
Available in the hands of the migrant worker who loves you.
@ Lisamchuk Light & Motion Vis 360 lights suggest that even minimalists in your life need to keep good lighting in the dark winter, especially if you\'re riding in the city.
Good quality and cheap
Electric LED lights are available in every bike store, but these are solid and motion models
Built bright enough to freeze moose.
Available in the wheel life shop ery Okotoks.
@ JennBlairCBC proposed.
Warm Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is more fun than a pair of socks.
It is available at your favorite liquor store.
Suggested by @ bikeswimrun.
In your life, people riding bikes in winter don\'t need a fat bike.
It\'s good that they can ride any old bike.
They are happy to ride all year round and have only a few accommodations this season (
The most important thing on the list is some winter tires and lights).
But if that particular person is particularly good, I mean it\'s really, really good, there\'s nothing better than the original snow pile --crushing, ice-beating, cross-
The country trail that destroys fat bikes.
Available in Bow Cycle and Campione cycle.
Small Suggestion of sangta.
Looks like that collaboration.
The worker who goes to the office by bike every day is a madman; axa0Frozen-
People who love masochism get on and off at other people and think it\'s hard for them to ride through the winter.
The best Christmas gift for that person is not to treat them as a weird person any more.
Give them a little encouragement to keep them going and consider cycling with them one day.
You will be happy.
Thanks to everyone who made the suggestion.
Leave a comment below, or follow me on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook, or email me at tbabin @ calgaryherald. com.
Please buy my new book Frost bike: joy, pain and numbness of winter riding.
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